Unraveling Injuries

Guiding your Journey to Wellness

Are you experiencing painful or unstable joints, tight compensating muscles, decreased range of motion, or poor movement? Have you tried treatment after treatment with no lasting solution? If so, then it’s time to think differently. Our goal at True Health is to discover hidden problems that are stopping you from living a healthy, pain-free life. Understanding why the body hasn’t healed on its own is just as important as treating the area of pain.

The average person has 14-20 inhibited muscles. Think of these muscles as switched off. They cannot simply be exercised back on. Muscles become inhibited due to an injury, compensation, or nervous system stress. When any part of the body is out of homeostasis, nervous system stress occurs. In other words, when an organ or system is out of balance, it affects the nervous system and can result in inhibited muscles.

Inhibited muscles can create an abundance of issues in the body including: unstable joints, compensations, loss of range of motion, poor movement, and pain. These issues may need manual therapy or could indicate something else is wrong in the body. For example, your chronic knee or back pain could relate to the types of fats in your diet. Your headaches could relate to a hormonal imbalance. Your fatigue could be due to subclinical infection. These subtle connects between a person’s overall health and their current or lingering health problems are key to discovering true health.