Movement Training

Our goal at True Health is to discover all aspects of your health, including movement health!

Come join Laura for a movement class that puts the fun back in functional. This class will jump start your pain-free lifestyle by resetting your movement patterns. This approach is intended to bring back your body’s original state so you can function as you should. This is perfect for all levels and abilities and can nicely complement other exercise disciplines.

New classes starting Tuesdays and Thursday’s at 11am. Call 304-768-6106 to reserve your spot today!

Our bodies were designed to be resilient and allow us to move throughout life. The traditional joint by joint approach is not how your body really works. Your joints of course need to move well, but understanding the bigger picture of human movement is the best way to healthy pain-free living.

Movement Dysfunction and Pain

Do you find yourself afraid to bend down to pick something up, or reach above your head and grab something heavy off a shelf due to pain or instability? How does this happen? Often due to injuries, sedentary lifestyle, etc., we become confined and restricted in our ability to move. When we stop moving the way we were intended to, we become limited in what we can do. This movement restriction leads to an overall poor movement pattern that, if not fixed, manifests into pain, decreased range of motion, and puts you at risk for further injury.

Holistic Movement Approach

At True Health, we look at your body as a whole. For example, we do not treat just the hip if you have hip pain. We look further into your movement pattern and see what is affecting the hip. Your body is designed to keep going, to keep moving. When an injury or weakness arises, the body compensates for that and so you are able to continue moving. Over time those compensations build on each other, perpetuating problems. What initially was a right hip injury could easily lead to left shoulder instability and weakness, which in time could lead to neck pain and poor head control. By taking a holistic approach in treatment we are able to find and treat compensations that affect the body to get you moving healthy again, because, when the body moves without dysfunction or compensation you are able to build healthy motion.

True Health values the interconnection that each body part has to the whole. Through studying, experiencing, and understanding the body we have come to value reflexive stability, posture, gait, and breathing, among other things. With all of this in mind, we strive to restore your movement and make moving fun again!


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